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Rob's Craft Sandwiches Food Truck is the culmination of a longtime restaurant family's desire to be together, have fun, and share their culinary "chops" with the world.  Rob grew up surrounded by the love of food and cooking.  From his time in the kitchen learning from his family and perfecting their recipes, to a deli in LBI, to the restaurants of Philadelphia, he always knew he would one day cook his own food for all to enjoy.  In fact, Rob used these experiences to win over his wife, Kimmy, by cooking extravagant and lavish meals for some of their first dates.  He even passed this passion for cooking on to his daughter, Giana, who shares his love of everything bacon, and is an aspiring baker/restaurant owner at age 7!


Rob's Craft Sandwiches is truly a family run business started from the ground up by Rob and Kimmy themselves.  All of the recipes are inspired from Rob's experiences throughout the restaurant industry as well as family recipes handed down to him.  His meticulous quest for perfection results in rich, flavor-packed, and inspired combinations.  Rob's well-rounded background in both the front and back of the house in many of Philadelphia's most popular restaurants, as well as his formal training at Le Cordon Bleu in Orlando, allows him to blend all of these facets while providing a perfect dining experience. 


We will work our hardest to keep all of our customers satisfied and coming back, not only for the sandwiches, but for good times as well.


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